Pierre Bonnard in his studio
Paris 1946

One of the best parts of being in your late twenties is developing an attitude toward falling in love that is similar to your attitude toward the common cold.  There’s precious little you can do to make it go away quicker, but you learn to treat and, more importantly, ignore the symptoms with considerable equanimity. 

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Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrumtransmit 01, 2012
Good taste cannot supply the place of genius in literature, for the best proof of taste, when there is no genius, would be, not to write at all. Madame de Staël
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Mankind hates us: we serve none of its purposes; and we hate it, because it injures us. So let us love one another “in Art,” as mystics love one another “in God.” Let everything else pale before this love. May all life’s kitchen-candles (every one of which reeks) disappear in the light of that great sun. Gustave Flaubert, letter to Louise Colet, April 14, 1853
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The hunter sinks his arrows into the trees and then paints the targets around them. The trees imagine they are deer. The deer imagine they are safe. The arrows: they have no imagination. Richard Siken, “The Stag and the Quiver,” published on The Awl (via bostonpoetryslam)
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And I went down
to pick an apple, to pick an apple
off the tree. And the sound
of the apple dropping, apple dropping,
sent up an echo, sent up an echo
of the graveyard, of the orchard
and the truth of the buried,
of the buried as seed. Laura Jensen, Memory
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Stanley Lewis, View from Smith College
That there could be art without beauty is preposterous. The artists who imagine that they can accept beauty or reject beauty have obviously never known the power that beauty wields. Jed Perl, Magicians & Charlatans
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By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it.

The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.

Kafka (via alterities)
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Yellowish vertigo,
a spout of angels,

raw rum
and sudden noons. Daniel Tiffany, “Days of Wet Orion”

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